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One night as I was watching some TV, I believe it was the Final Four playoffs and the phone rang. It was my parents about 1500 miles away, and they were having some major computer problems. After a whole lot of hassle, reboots, back and forth conversation, miscommunication, and general chaos, I finally managed to get her problem resolved. I said to myself I will never go through another situation like that again, there has to be an easier way. I then did some research on how to be able to remote into someone's PC and fix their issues.


With this idea I found many different solutions, some from built in software that comes with Microsoft, but then the HOST (or person being connected to had to have XP Pro) which not all people have. Then I thought what about all the people that have Macintosh or Linux? The more I searched the more confusing it became, not to mention the price for some of the software was very expensive.

After researching for a few weeks and doing some brainstorming with some of my Tech savvy friends, some testing and more trials, I came upon the solution. By the way, Mom was glad I found this solution as she is not very computer literate.




I started out in life always liking thing with engines and power. I spent part of years as a Manager of an auto part store and engine rebuilding shop. Over time and as technology increased I became interested in computers so I went back to school and have never looked back. I have over eight years of experience in large networks and ran into many different problems with computers, servers and software. I don't want to say there is no problem I can't fix as that would be false, but if I can't figure out the problem, we will find someone who can.


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