Carrier Central

This is how our process works

  • You fill out our online form or call with a description of your problem (the more information you provide the better)
  • Our staff of technicians will help you work out a time that is good for you. We'll also work with you to determine the best package suited for your particular problem.
  • At the time & date you've decided, we'll contact you and explain the simple process to establish a remote internet based connection to your computer. Note: This process works best with Cable or DSL connection speed.
  • You can watch us work & learn, or walk away, the choice is yours.
  • Once we're done, we'll provide you an email summary of the services performed.

Keeping your privacy & security is among our top concerns along with fixing your system.

We understand that having your PC worked on can cause alarm for you're privacy. We'll always assure that we keep your data, privacy & security safe and address any concerns you may have before we begin the process.

  • We use the latest technology with an encrypted session to connect to your office or home PC. For more information about this please ask our technicians & we'll be glad to explain.
  • We will not browse any data or files more than is absolutely necessary to perform the services you requested.
  • Password Issues: We never write down passwords you provide us for (unattended reboots) needed to get back in the system. They are stored in a form for immediate use ONLY and then are destroyed after the support session is completed.
  • Once we terminate the remote session, we can NOT reconnect without your explicit permission. Nor can anyone else. Once we're out, we're gone.
  • We'll keep you informed in the email summary we send to you of any Spyware, Keyloggers, Malware, or Viruses we may have found during the process. Naturally we will remove any of these nasty problems found during the repair.
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